• New quests are in covering building a house, performing an action, building a farm and building a cow.
  • It now retains the IAP pricing so as long as it has got the price from Apple at some point in the past, it’ll display the price from the last open.
  • Fixed a bug with Abel’s face not appearing in the open quest panel.
  • We can now have “hidden items”

Initial Graphics are in

Took delivery of our first graphics for the game today (outside of the Unity pack we had for generic ones) and today we started to implement them into the game system. Spine is being used for animation in the game so we had to break apart character into constituent layers and have them drawn pointing ne / nw / se / sw so that the character can walk around the world. We’ve gone with this model as opposed to individual frame drawing as it reduces the future work of animation and also reduces the footprint on phones when character numbers grow.

We won’t post them up today as it’d be better to show them up and running on the game screen and we’ve a big presentation to Honeycomb award panel on Thursday so let’s make that a grand unveiling.

First Ever Marketing Materials Arrive

Today we took delivery of our first branded materials, they’re ready for use at Wednesday’s Industry Expo in DKIT. Design work was by Alba Esteban a design wiz who works for our venture partner Grace Communications. We did nearly get a bit misty eyed as the banner was put up, seems very real when you’ve something physical right in front of you. Notwithstanding that we’ve had the game playable on our phones for a few weeks. If you look really closely you’ll see a screenshot on one of the banners, very rough prototype.

  • Initial Spine Animation of Tsega
  • Initial Spine Animation of Abel

Tsega is Born – Our Lead Character is Born

Today we received the final design work for Tsega our in game guide and main character. She’s a 12 year old girl from Ethiopia who will be the first residents in Kesho Town. Along with her brother and parents they’ll form the initial grouping of people that the story will follow. Additional Characters are being written up to cover a number of countries and traditions to ensure we’ve a mix of fun and interesting people to interact with when the game goes live.

This went through a few iterations to get to the final product (as you’d expect) and we now feel that we’ve got Tsega as we imagined her.

It’s Alive – We Have a Name

After much brain storming and many iterations of white boards we have decided to call the game Kesho Town. Having originally gone with a project holding title of Envelop we finally got our thinking hats on along with BAM Media who are based in the Mill Enterprise Hub to come up with a name that conveyed the message of the game but still remained fun and upbeat.

So what does it mean?

Kesho is Swahili for Tomorrow or Future and we think that given our vision for creating a better tomorrow for villages in the developing world this couldn’t be a better fit. In the 6-8 months that we have toyed with the idea of this game and it’s different aspects, the name has proven elusive, but now we can move forward with a name and hopefully soon a brand that conveys our message.

There was a total of 3 wall mounted giant whiteboards used but in the end it came down to this little one and if you look at the bottom of the board you’ll see where it finally came together.

We Win Honeycomb Captivate Award

Today we received word that we have won the Honeycomb Captivate Award which is designed to get ideas like ours up and running. The Captivate Award was awarded as we applied digital content knowledge, skills and technologies for innovation in another business sector.

Applications were sought in

  • film and broadcast
  • animation
  • games development
  • interactive media
  • music technologies

to collaborate with another business sector, other than the digital content sector e.g., Health, Tourism, Big Data.